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Welcome!  We hope this web site will be of some value to you.  Whether you wish to know more about us, find out what services and products we offer, or just contact us to schedule an appointment, this site was designed with you in mind.

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OUR MISSION: The mission of the Monroeville Pet Hospital is threefold: one, to ensure that every dog, cat or pocket pet that comes through our hospital doors has the greatest opportunity available for living a life that is not only long and healthy, and free of any pain and suffering, but also a life that is cared for; two, to provide an unsurpassed level of service to our clients that is timely, friendly, professional and thorough and to provide them with the means and the knowledge to care for their pets—in doing so we deliberately intend to enrich the lives of our clients; and three, to be a good standing member in our community by being a place of refuge for the occasional sick or tired stray that may happen our way.

OUR GOAL: Our clients expect us to be timely, compassionate, friendly, and professional and to provide the best possible care for their pets; and of course we at the Monroeville Pet Hospital expect nothing less of ourselves; in fact it is the goal of the Monroeville Pet Hospital to surpass our clients’ and our own expectations.

OUR CORE VALUES: We intend to accomplish our mission and to achieve our goal by abiding by our core values:

1.      Deliver Exceptional Service to Our Clients and Exceptional Care to Our Patients

The real quality of our service is not advertised in the Yellow Pages®, it is advertised by our clients through word of mouth. 

We believe that is not enough to do what is expected, but rather to go beyond what is unexpected: to provide a level of service and care that will knock the socks off our clients and have them calling their friends and neighbors.  To this end we hire only overtly friendly people who are not only superbly qualified for their positions, but who also listen and have good communication skills; who can resolve problems;  and who exhibit a strong understanding of the human-animal bond and the emotional needs of people and their pets.  Furthermore, we purchase modern equipment and computer software whenever needed which will provide our doctors, technicians and receptionists with the means to deliver exceptional care to our patients and exceptional service to our clients.


2.      Build a Powerful Hospital Team with Strong Family Values.

Many would believe in this day and age that strong family values have been relegated to the days of the past, we do not. 

We believe that fair play, respect, honesty, loyalty, laughter and trust can be nurtured among and between our employees and the hospital.  To this end we listen and are open minded to our employees’ ideas and opinions, and encourage them to “think out of the box”—to stretch the limits of their imagination in accomplishing our mutual goal.  And we provide our employees with a fully paid health insurance plan, a retirement plan, a gym membership and many other benefits along with a level of pay that will not only provide them with a means to meet many of their own financial obligations and worries, but which will also provide us with an individual who can focus on delivering exceptional client service and patient care.


3.      Build Exceptionalism Through Education

Our doctors, veterinary technicians, managers and receptionists are only as good as what they know.  Most of what they know is through experience, however there is always something new to learn.  To this end we provide our employees with weekly in-house training and discussion sessions, equipment training and yearly continuing education (sometimes in awesome locations) from recognized seminar providers.

However, we are not only concerned with the education of our employees, we are also concerned with the education of our clients: exceptional care to our patients requires an informed clientele.  To this end we take the time to clearly communicate to our clients through verbal dialog or written handouts instructions to properly care for their pets once they leave the hospital.


4.      Nurture Compassion and Understanding

The Monroeville Pet Hospital abides by the doctrine of Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics of the AVMA and makes it a point to treat each client’s pet with the same compassion that we would treat our own pets and to provide our clients with a level of comfort and understanding that we would provide to members of our own family. 

"Because a best friend deserves the best care."


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The AAHA Foundation Recognizes the Monroeville Pet Hospital for making donations totaling more than $10,000 over the past 10 years to the "AAHA Helping Pets Fund"

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